POLL: Sexiest Woman In Poker

Chicago Poker Club has something in the works to celebrate Chicago's sexiest women in poker.  "The works" could be coming in January, or in June... in the meantime, courtesy of our content partner at Scotty Clark Poker, let's talk about the sexiest women in all of poker.  Reprinted with permission:

Liv Boeree

Scotty Clark Poker wants to know your most valuable poker opinions. Vote in our first POLL in the right hand column.

This is the first of four polls and the polls will include 16 ladies for the title of
Sexiest Woman in Poker History

Please leave comments at the end of this post, and on Scotty's site, to nominate future candidates.

Criteria: All international female players, television hosts, site professionals, celebrities and media reporters. Any female very active in poker. The top two finishers in each of the four polls will advance.
Opinion. The best players should be credited for long-term staying power...
Liv Boeree is 26 years old and is from the UK.  Born in Kent, she studied physics and astrophysics at the University of Manchester. In April of 2010, Liv Boeree won EPT San Remo for a whopping €1,250,000 Boeree left Absolute Poker to sign with Poker Stars this year. Liv is also known as "Iron Maiden" and she loves her heavy metal.